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Go on a citywide adventure in the vehicle of your choice in this fast-paced game

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Roblox for Android provides mobile users access to an online social gaming platform where they can create and explore virtual worlds.

Roblox is an online sandbox game, which is completely free to play. There is an in-game currency — called Robux — that can be purchased with real money and used to reward content creators and purchase content listed in the Roblox store. Premium memberships are also available, and these include a Robux allowance as well as other privileges.

None of that is necessary to enjoy the game, however, and this is a sandbox that offers something for all ages but has really captured a dedicated fanbase in the under-13 crowd. Not only does Roblox provide them avenues through which to create, but it offers hundreds perhaps thousands of user-created worlds to explore and games to play. That means that young kids never really tire of the experience.

The developers of Roblox are very aware of their young fans and have put a number of safeguards in place. A Safe Chat system, for instance, aggressively filters inappropriate content and helps block direct access to children from would-be predators. The game also has a slew of parental controls. All changes require a parental pin, and parents can monitor activity from a PC or other device.

The sheer number of creation tools available is a big part of why it’s such a success with kids, and all of the creation tools are really intuitive to use. In our experience, kids often take to it better than adults. It’s also an effective social platform for young people that lets them develop online friendships with likeminded people their own age.

The emphasis with Roblox is not on bleeding-edge graphics and physics, and that’s OK. The young kids who seem to be this game’s biggest fans probably won’t even care. Nevertheless, Roblox’s graphics and gameplay already seemed creaky at launch and are aging fast. Compare that to a game like Minecraft that manages to still look and feel great despites its graphical approach and being nearly a decade old.


  • A free game for all ages
  • Parental control
  • Numerous creativity outlets


  • Graphics and physics

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